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By Lisa Kessler

Alternating Continental with Beads

This week’s #MustWatchMonday video tutorial is on how to do an alternating continental stitch in beads. In this video we are using a size 13 canvas with a size 11 bead so that you can see the pattern in a larger format. This stitch is perfect if you want to create the idea of glass on your canvas. 

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Happy Stitching!


Learn How To Ruche Threads

This week’s #MustWatchMonday stitch tutorial is for ruching threads. Lisa shows you how to ruche thread to create a 3-dimensional design on your next canvas. She is using Petite Sparkle Rays from Rainbow Gallery on Patti Mann’s Food Truck Canvas. Have a question? Shoot us an email at thegirls@bestitchedneedlepointshop.com

Reminder: Buckle up for a rarin’ good time with the Patti Mann Food Trucks Club! Sign up and receive 9 canvases by Patti Mann – all on 18 count mesh and approximately 4″ x 6″.

Learn How To Rip Threads

This week’s #MustWatchMonday stitch tutorial is for ripping threads. At one point or another, we all need to know how to do this. You may think it sounds pretty simple, but sometimes it can be difficult and mistakes happen to the best of us.

Tip: You can use a seam ripper, just make sure you don’t cut the canvas because it is typically pretty sharp.


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