Basketweave is one of the most used stitches in needlepoint; the stitch is slanted covering one canvas intersection. It is easily worked without turning the canvas and causes very little distortion. The woven or basketweave back makes it extremely strong. Should be used on all utilitarian items i.e. footstools, chairs, benches, kneelers, etc. Basketweave can be worked either on stretcher bars, using the stab and poke method, or in hand using the sewing (scoop) method. The stab and poke method follows the same stitch sequence except each stitch is done in two steps, you poke the needle up from under the canvas and stab it down from the top of the canvas. Direction and sequence of stitches are the same in both methods.

Right Handed Stitchers:
Basketweave is worked as a growing right-angle triangle with a single stitch at its apex. Begin in the upper right-hand corner and make a stitch going from bottom left to top right going across the intersection of the canvas. Work the second stitch on the same horizontal line and to the left of the first stitch, again coming up at the bottom left and going down at the top right. You now have two stitches side by side; the third stitch is worked directly below the first stitch. To start the next row (remember we are working on the diagonal) work another stitch exactly under the last stitch. While your triangle is growing you will work two stitches at the end of each row; on is to end the row and one is to begin the next row.

You continue working the diagonal row, please notice that the stitches dovetail into the preceding row. Alternating rows are worked up the row; the other rows are worked down. When you want to stop the triangle from growing i.e. on the right hand side you will not stitch directly below the last stitch but rather next to it, so that the bottom becomes flat across, same is true for the left side. Before putting the work aside, leave a row unfinished with your needle in mid row, this is a sure way of keeping the row sequence straight.

Left Hand Stitchers:

If you are left-handed, begin in the lower left-hand corner and do the the reverse.

Basketweave Diagram