Top 10 Reasons to Try out Bargello:

10. Dates back to the middle ages.

9. Also known as Florentine Needlework or Hungarian Point

8. Has its own museum – Bargello Museum in Florence, Italy

7. One of the most durable stitches for pillows, upholstery and rugs.

6. Cost effective as you don’t need a painted canvas to create a beautiful pattern.

5. Traditionally stitched in wool as it was used primarily for upholstery, but now can be very contemporary with the use of metallic, silk or rayon threads.

4. Numerous designs from the traditional flame/Florentine stitch , diamonds, hearts and  4 way geometric designs.

3. Create your own Bargello design by using flat, vertical stitches over two or more threads.

2. Bargello is all the rage in decorating.

1. Watching this video tutorial from NeedlepointFix lets you master this technique!


Try it Out Now Using the Video Tutorial!