Introduction to Needlepoint Fix

What is Needlepoint Fix? 

Needlepoint Fix is becoming the central hub for all things needlepoint. We’re easily accessible from your phone, iPad, or laptop, so you can get connected to our content from anywhere you get an internet connection. 

How Needlepoint Fix Began 

Needlepoint Fix is the brainchild of Lisa Kessler, owner of BeStitched Needlepoint in Arizona. Back in 2012/2013, Lisa had the idea of creating a “class in a box”, which led her to launching the Stitch Addiction series. Needlepointers around the country could sign up for Stitch Addiction to receive a package containing a DVD of a filmed stitching technique and the corresponding materials to practice the technique featured on a monthly basis. Alongside the Stitch Addiction series, Lisa started to work on a website called Needlepoint Flix, where she could post the tutorial videos from her previous classes that demonstrated out of the box, hard to diagram stitches for her students who weren’t able to be in class. 

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, Lisa began to teach virtual Needlepoint classes over Zoom. In an effort to provide an easy platform where her students could access and rewatch previous class videos, Lisa and her team began to post the recordings onto the site, now known as Needlepoint Fix. Since 2020, Needlepoint Fix has expanded to host an extensive video library of stitching techniques, recorded classes, stitch diagrams, and a marketplace for stitch guides. 

Needlepoint Fix Today 

Needlepoint Fix is continuing to evolve to fulfill the current need in the needlepoint community for one central hub. One of our first steps is with the new 2023 Fall Designs Lookbook. This lookbook was created with the intent to help save needlepointers time and energy by bringing all the new designs being released at market onto one main page. With over 30 designers participating, the Fall Designs allows you to say goodbye to the hassle of going from one website to the next to see what’s new. If you need to find your local needlepoint shop, scroll down to the directory! We currently have about 20 shops listed in the directory for you to connect with and order from. 

We’re continuing to add to the Fall Designs Lookbook as well as the NeedlepointFix website on a daily basis, so keep your eyes out for more exciting developments!

Premium Memberships 

Are you looking for that perfect stitch for your current project? Looking for previous or current class videos? Do you want to get access to the latest news from designers and shops? For $14.99 a month, you can sign up for our premium membership and get access to over 160 different videos, stitch diagrams, all blog articles, and one recorded technique class per month. 

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