Needlepoint Canvases

A needlepoint canvas is a mesh-based surface that carries a pattern that you stitch over. Needlepoint canvases are available in a variety of mesh sizes. The size of the mesh will determine how quickly and easily a design can be stitched. For example, a ten-mesh canvas will stitch much faster than an eighteen-mesh canvas. The mesh size is also determined by the thread you choose to work with.

Some kits are fully kitted with all the necessary fibers and a printed chart to guide your stitching. Some are partially kitted, meaning you will need to select your own colors. Choosing your own fibers is an exciting part of needlepoint, as it can make the design unique to you and your style.

You can also find canvases that have the design hand painted onto them. This method is quicker and easier for the beginner because the instructions are right there on the canvas. You may choose to stitch over the design or create your own patterns and stitches by using a stitch guide. Stitch guides are available through many needlepoint stores and have been designed by talented artists.

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