Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

The season is here and Christmas stockings are a wonderful way to not only add to your holiday decor, but to create a piece that you made with your own hands! Stockings are very popular at this time and can be a joy to complete for needlepoint lovers anywhere!

There are many designs from several artists to make sure you find at least a few that you are sure to love! You can create Christmas stockings art with designs of Santa, Christmas bells, Christmas trees, food, animals, a snowman, and more options to choose from. Below you can see a few designs that are available for your needlepoint fun!

The amazing thing about needlepoint Christmas stockings is that you can create new ones every year and add on to your holiday decorations each years. This is also a great time to share the gift of needlepoint and maybe even start a tradition on making stockings each year with loved ones.

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