What is a Needlepoint Kit?

A needlepoint kit includes everything you need to complete a project. It typically includes a canvas with the design printed on it, threads, a needle, and instructions. It may also include a chart of the design or finishing items depending on the project.

Needlepoint is a form of hand embroidery that passes thread iterations through an open-weave mesh fabric creating unique coverage types and durability levels. Needlepoint is traditionally a counted type of embroidery and works from a chart that shows each thread intersection with either a symbol or a number (depending on the technique).

Many designers create their designs for needlepoint in kit form. These kits are great for beginners as they have a painted canvas, all the materials needed, and clear instructions on how to stitch the design.

Needlepoint Kits for All Skill Levels
Needlepoint kits can be helpful for people of all skill levels in needlepoint. For beginners, they are great because you are guided through and have all the materials needed for the design. This saves time on guessing and finding materials and threads that are needed. While people that been doing needlepoint for years may have enough threads on hand to finish a new project, needlepoint kits ensure that you have all that you need and make the start-to-finish process that much easier.

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